Glocal K - 九州にもっと、ワクワクを。


We, GlocalK, are a fresh start-up company born out of Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting which is one of the leading broadcasting stations in Kyushu, Japan. "We don't know what makes us attractive in the first place." This is what we heard from many people as we visited all 60 municipalities in Fukuoka in the past 2 years during the process of the Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting's project, "Furusato Wish" which was focused on a community co-creation.
With the strength of the relationships and trust we have built through our long term of close contact with the local community, and the skills we have cultivated through our daily broadcasts, we go into the community to discover its authentic charms and plan and produce information that can be conveyed to the people we want to reach.
By doing so, understanding of the region deepens, products are sold, and the number of visitors and workers increases.
We believe that this is genuine regional development.
This local development will become more meaningful through the exchange of ideas and activities from the local to the world and from the world to the local.

Digitalization has made it possible to disseminate information on a global level, and through content, we can deepen our understanding of cultures and ways of thinking beyond national borders.
The door of opportunity is open.

Let's create a "revolution in interaction" from the "glocal" level.


Global content production

Worldwide content sales

Content distribution

Filming coordination

International co-production



Michiro Hiramatsu

Michiro Hiramatsu

Local Communication Designer
Michiro Hiramatsu - 九州にもっと、ワクワクを。
Former TV director for regional No.1 programs, MITSURO says, “Kyushu local is irresistibly attractive.”

Michiro began his career at Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting as a TV director, and he directed 2 high rating programs in the region, “Asadesu” and “Duomo”. Then he worked in the Radio Sales Department, after that he joined Regional Planning Department where he literally ran through 60 cities & districts in Fukuoka every day, connected with 800 key persons in the locals from different areas of business in 1 year. He has been serving the local communities in Fukuoka to help their branding & marketing on TV and Radio.

Michiro Hiramatsu - 九州にもっと、ワクワクを。

Hideki Mochidome

Hideki Mochidome

CEO/Communication Producer
Hideki Mochidome - 九州にもっと、ワクワクを。
Former News producer HIDEKI says, “There are many STORIES in Kyushu. I see huge opportunities here in this digital times.”

As a news reporter, ANN Beijing correspondent, news editor, news producer, and documentary producer, Hideki lived with NEWS and locals for 20 years. During the 2 decades, He has seen Fukuoka and Kyushu deeply like no one has, and was convinced that we broadcasters have a mission to contribute to the society beyond terrestrial services. Hideki believes “Fukuoka and Kyushu have the fountain of great resources that are not yet known to the world, comparing to Tokyo or Osaka.” 2 times Prize Winner of Galaxy Award (Galaxy Award…One of the renowned award for TV programs in Japan)

Hideki Mochidome - 九州にもっと、ワクワクを。

Juri Yoshino

Juri Yoshino

Global Communication Designer
Juri Yoshino - 九州にもっと、ワクワクを。
JURI thinks Japan has much more to offer to the world that has yet to be discovered.

She spent most of her career as a sales in the entertainment industry and advertising industry. After joining Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting in 2015, she has been involved in international content sales and has widened the international network all over the world. She is a founder of "47&".

Juri Yoshino - 九州にもっと、ワクワクを。


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